Mimi Smith-Dvorak never cared much about eggs. They were something to eat, occasionally. She knew how to fry them, and scramble them, add a few to a cake mix recipe, and hard-boil them so the kids could dye them at Easter.

But then, she became interested in poultry as pets in an urban center.  Pets that could produce an egg was a novel concept. It all started with a duckling (Cobol) which lead to more ducklings, and then chickens.

And, then she moved to a rural area and ordered 25 chicks (straight run, meaning all hens) from a mail order hatchery, as well as a dozen ducks and a couple of geese.


Once they grew, and grew, and grew (and what a mess they made) and were released into their ample chicken pen and newly built hen palace, the chickens began laying an egg a day. The ducks started laying an egg a day. The geese, thankfully only laid and egg every few days.   The refrigerator was full of eggs.

Neighbors started to avoid eye contact. They had enough eggs… so the clear message was “don’t try and pawn any more eggs off on us…”

Which is when the quest to find egg recipes began.  And, quite the quest it was.  Five years and countless hours of research later Mimi completed an big dense manuscript filled with egg recipes: Too Many Eggs.

Now, she’s looking for a publisher.

This blog is further exploration of egg recipes, and things of the egg-centric world that she is completely obsessed with.

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